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RANA STEELS INDIA PVT. LTD. supplies a wide range of Mild Steel (MS) Angels. M.S. Angels are used for manufacturing of truck-trailers, EOT cranes and Gantry, escalators and elevators,ship building, factory sheds, bus body, communication and transmission towers, conveyors, boilers, agricultural equipment, and construction of bridges, scaffolding and many more fabrication and engineering industries.


M.S. Angles Sizes:

Size (mm) Weight (Kg./Feet)
A-25X3 0.337
A-25X5 0.538
A-32X3 0.437
A-35X4 0.638
A-35X5 0.790
A-40X3 0.547
A-40X4 0.730
A-40X5 0.910
A-40X6 1.064
A-45X4 0.823
A-45X5 1.036
A-50X4 0.910
A-50X5 1.155
A-50X6 1.308
A-60X4 1.110
A-65X5 1.490
A-65X6 1.763
A-65X8 2.340
A-75X5 1.737
A-75X6 2.067
A-75X8 2.705
A-75X10 3.343
A-90X6 2.500
A-90X8 3.290
A-90X10 4.080
A-100X6 2.777
A-100X8 3.665
A-100X10 4.535
A-100X12 5.400
A-110X10 5.025
A-110X12 5.975
A-130X10 5.985
A-130X12 7.120
A-150X10 6.940
A-150X12 8.270


The data given above is indicative. Actual weights may vary.


RANA STEELS INDIA PVT. LTD. developes specific sections. Specific sizes in any section can be developed for economical and feasible quantity, in Mild Steel.

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